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  1. Contact Us - Communications
  1. Public Access Channel Announcement

    Use this form to submit your public access channel announcement.

Community Services and Events

  1. Contact Us - Community Services and Events
  2. POW/MIA Plaza Request for Rental

    If you are interested in booking the POW/MIA Plaza for an event, please fill out this form and a City of West Fargo representative will... More…

  3. West Fest Event Volunteer Registration

    Form to sign up as a volunteer for one or multiple West Fest events. Individual and groups of volunteers are needed for Saturday, Sept... More…

  1. Contact Us - West Fargo Tourist and Event Committee
  2. Tourism and Events Committee Promotion Fund Application

    Please read the guidelines for Tourism and Events Committee Promotion Funds before completing your application. To be eligible, a... More…

  3. West Fest Food Vendor Application

    Please fill out this form if you would like to be a food vendor during the 2018 West Fest. Completing this form will submit your... More…

Economic Development

  1. Business Registration Form

    Register with the City of West Fargo's department of economic development for important information, updates and announcements about... More…

  2. Contact Us - Economic Development Advisory Committee
  1. Contact Us - Economic Development


  1. Alcohol Special Event Application

    Use this form to apply for permission to host a special event with alcohol. Complete, print and return the form with the $25.00 fee at... More…

  2. Contact Us - Utility Billing
  1. Contact Us - Finance

Human Resource

  1. Contact Us - Human Resources

    Note: The City of West Fargo does not accept resumes via email or this form. Please complete a job application for a posted job to... More…


  1. Citizens Police Academy Interest Form

    Please fill out this form if you would like to be contacted with the next Citizens Police Academy registration form is available.

  2. Contact Us - Police
  1. Contact Us - Citizens Police Academy
  2. Contact Us - Project Lifesaver

    Provide your contact information to be contacted by a West Fargo Police Department representative about Project Lifesaver.