Kensington Drive - Hidden Circle Connection

Kensington Drive - Hidden Circle Connection Plan Sheet

About this Project

Due to the reconstruction of Sheyenne Street, the Kensington Drive exit onto Sheyenne Street will only allow traffic to turn right onto northbound Sheyenne Street. 

To provide additional access to Sheyenne Street, Kensington Drive will be connected to Hidden Circle. This project consists of minor storm sewer extensions, asphalt paving, driveway replacement and street lighting.

Kensington Drive - Hidden Circle Plan Sheets

Project Costs:

  • Estimated Construction Cost: $130,799
  • Estimated Special Assessments: Project costs already included in the Sheyenne Street Segment 3 special assessments.

Project Schedule

  • Estimated Begin Date: April 2019
  • Estimated End Date: June 2019
  • Percent Complete: 30%
Kensington Drive Hidden Circle Connection

Completed Work

  • Storm sewer
  • Curb and gutter
  • Driveways

Current Work

  • Asphalt paving

Upcoming Work

  • Seeding and topsoil
  • Final details

Traffic Impacts

  • Narrowed lanes at Hidden Circle
  • Temporary driveway impacts due to culvert replacements