West Fargo's outdoor warning sirens are located throughout the city to adequately cover all outdoor areas. The sirens are intended to warn citizens of imminent threats such as tornadoes or chemical releases. They warn people who are outside to seek indoor shelter.

The sirens are not intended to be heard by or adequately warn people who are indoors. People are urged to obtain weather radios as an indoor warning device, use apps on their phones, and pay attention to television and local radio stations for up to date weather or incident information. Weather radios can be purchased from most stores that sell electronic goods.


The Red River Regional Dispatch Center tests the activation of the siren system the first Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. This test allows the city to detect any faults and errors with the sirens and system.


In the case of an incident, local first responders may initiate the need to sound the sirens. Our local Red River Regional Dispatch Center will activate the sirens based on confirmation from weather spotters in the local area or through confirmation from the National Weather Service.

Activated Sirens

When the sirens are activated you should immediately take shelter indoors and listen to your local radio station, a weather radio, or local television stations for guidance and instructions.