Child Safety

Back to School Safety

When school is back in session, it is good to be reminded of some safety tips. Please review these safety tips with your children prior to the school year.


  • Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. 
  • Before crossing the street, stop and look left, right and left again to see if vehicles are coming. 
  • Make eye contact with drivers prior to crossing.
  • Always cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. 
  • Stay alert and avoid distracted walking. 

Bike Riders: 

  • Practice riding the bike route to school with your student
  • Come to a complete stop before crossing the street. 
  • Stay alert and avoid distracted riding. 
  • Make sure your student always wears a properly fitted helmet and bright clothing. 

Bus Riders:

  • Go to the bus stop with your student and teach them the proper way to get on and off the bus. 
  • Teach your student to stand approximately 6 feet away from the curb. 
  • If your student must cross the street in front of the bus, teach them to walk on the side of the road until they are 10 feet ahead of the bus. 

Driving Your Student to School:

  • Stay alert and avoid distracted driving. 
  • Never pass a bus loading or unloading students. 
For more safety tips, visit this link

Internet Safety

Read tips on how to keep your child safe while using the internet.

Halloween Safety

Halloween is a vulnerable time for children, learn more about keeping your child safe on October 31st.


Read a helpful Gang Information Guide (PDF) for parents and guardians.